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God's Little Mistake
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Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
8:18 pm
test-preparation avoidance 101:

Google Image Search: "cody mac"
Results:, ,

three guesses as to which one is me. Bonus question: can you spot the myspace pic?

I wish there was a way to get turdhats like these to stop using my name... well, at least two thirds of it

Current Mood: annoyed

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Thursday, January 19th, 2006
3:26 pm
click, laugh, people in lab look at me, post

I really don't know why it struck me as being so funny, but it did.

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8:04 am
what the figgity fuck?
"you know, if you had a gun, it could be your contingency plan... just in case you fail."

I have no idea how that popped into my head.
is it a remnant of sui.tend. of yesteryear (like, say 2001), or is it founded subconsciously in the present?
I am so confused.

I cried on my way to work because of it. I thought I was past that point in my life.

ugh. I'll work on it.

Current Mood: disappointed

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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
8:49 pm
I hate these 8:00 AM-9:30 PM days. Especially when I have two tests that I didn't study for... feh.

I currently am addicted to the Murder City Devils' songs "Bear Away" and "18 Wheels," in fact, I will listen to them again... right now.

This past weekend was a pretty big practice session for me, as I tattooed MKY (actually, got a basic outline done because that was all I could handle---I wasn't feeling too good), Amanda (I filled in her lotus---and I got to work with WHITE ink for highlights!!!), and finally, myself (simple outline of a ship... more work for me later). However, I find it troublesome that when I give myself tattoos, I end up getting some of Sam the Dog's hair stuck in my needles. Now, I'm a clean person, believe me, but that's just plain weird and unnerving. I hope it doesn't stimulate some sort of allergic response, as it hasn't before.

maybe next weekend I'll work some more on it. Maybe I'll be doing my homework

Notes to self:
-Anything similar to Jane Austen (i.e. "The Coquette") reeks of crusty 18th-century women's lib shit. Do not make it a point to read.
-Calculus ain't that bad for now
-begin working on 200+ notecards for Biology
-sleep is a premium
-guacamole at home.... *drool*

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Friday, January 6th, 2006
11:56 am
The sleeping awake

I'm back in school. I started Clark (again) on Tuesday. I start WSUV on Monday. I have to buy books, which is what I'm really not looking forward to. In fact, my books for Clark alone are going to total about $400, and I have yet to price my books for WSU. ick. Hopefully, everything will work itself out.

I have horrendous bills to pay. Maxxed credit cards, unpaid phone bills, et cetera. Not too bad, perfectly managable, but still an annoyance.

I saw my youngest sibling for the first time on Dec 29th. He was sleeping, so I didn't want to wake him, but my dad turned on the light anyway. He made the "what the hell is the light doing on"-scrunched-up face, opened his eyes, looked at me and shot me one of the cutest smiles I've ever seen on a kid. I told him "hey little brother, sorry to bother you, go right back to sleep, it's okay," and rubbed his cheek with my finger, and he went right back to sleep. It was precious.

As for Christmas, boy did I get a haul. Of course, there's a lot of nice stuff I got, but the fact that Amanda made me a pair of pajama pants with the Batman logo all over them was the nicest of all. She did a whole theme for me, what with the Batman DVDs (Batman Begins and the Tim Burton Batman, both of course were special editions).

On New Year's, Amanda and I hung out with Kevin and Jennifer. We went to the Wichita Pub and ended up getting thrashed as a result of $1.50 well drinks. I may seem like a snob with my alcohol, but I won't turn down a $1.50 Whiskey and Seven, or a screwdriver, or a Cranberry and Vodka, or a Whiskey and Coke. Total bill for that night completely shot my expectations, as we're used to spending $70 on food and getting like two drinks each, but we got fed and belligerent off of $60. I was more than happy with that.

Looking forward to getting off of work, going home, and giving myself another tattoo. It's been too long since I've worked with my stuff, and since everyone seems to want something from me, I'd better get into practice.

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Friday, December 16th, 2005
1:32 pm
One reason why finals are so difficult:

*I'll look at him with my "Daddy, can we go play?" eyes*

it seriously broke my heart to tell him to wait just one more day, then I'd play with him. God he's good at guilt trips... I wonder where he got it.

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Thursday, December 15th, 2005
10:15 am
Finals are over... soooooooo happy.

*insert christgasm here*

watch me do nothing for the next two weeks. Oh, and I am sooooooooooo looking forward to getting belligerent on Friday and Saturday. I deserve it.

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Friday, December 2nd, 2005
9:44 am
I'm going to the Dwarves tonight and you're not.

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
5:44 pm
Why do I do this?
The week of vacation devoted to gluttony and celebration of evil white men ended up pretty damned relaxing. I didn't hear the ungodly squawk of a fucking cockatoo (it will die... oh yes, it will), nor did I hear the raspy cackle of the girlie's mother. I did however find myself enjoying the time off instead of doing my homework like a good boy should. We went hunting once again, saw Harry Potter IV(safe to say I was somewhat disappointed), saw Jarhead (safe to say I was pleasantly surprised... except for seeing multiple scenes involving Jake Gyllenhall's naked asscheeks... yes ladies and gentlemen, if you are into that kinda thing, by all means, see it), and managed to watch a Black Adder marathon in addition to bawling my eyes out during "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."

On Thanksgiving, I made a pretty damned good asparagus casserole (one of my family favorites) for the first time all by myself, ate A PLATE of food and wanted to die. Also, I smoked Apple-flavored tobacco from a hooka with Amanda's Dad and Moudy, who supplied the hooka and the tobacco (he's from Egypt, and a rather cool guy). Finally, I enjoyed the post-Thanksgiving snow rather immensely, as did our black child Sammyboy. I think it was his first experience with it, and he got all riled up.

now, I'm back, and wanting the end of the semester to come. I'm actually looking forward to next semester, when I'm taking more classes than ever. That's how much I hate the premise of an English degree.

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
9:47 am
somehow, I just worked a Joe Walsh lyric into my paper comparing and contrasting Byron's "Manfred" and Coleridge's "Mariner."

I guess the end times have actually begun. feh.

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
2:19 pm
I'm considering purchasing a laptop. Does anyone have any recommendations for me to follow perhaps? Once again, I'm claiming professional student status here, so I can't just drop two grand on something that will let me see 9582757389457 different colors in the porn I'm downloading when 256 will do just fine.

anyhoo, would love to hear from you!

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Thursday, November 10th, 2005
10:11 am
So come along and sing our song and join our family... M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E

I had to do it, considering 'Manda loves the Marines, her dad is a Marine, and I like and respect her dad. I also happen  to respect the armed forces despite how much of a peacenik I may seem to be.

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
10:13 am
just an aside, but seriously folks:
Melissa Theuriau has to be the hottest news anchor ever-ever-EVAR!

I wish I had this channel. Alas, it's a french news network, so I'd have to have like crazy satellite access or something... but hey, at least I could understand about half of what she says.

/returns to work

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
3:55 pm
simply amazing
I post one thing, and it's propped up with evidence in an hour or so.

Let's see science teachers in Kansas get past the first page of the text, assuming they can acknowledge every creation scheme.

in addition, find out where you fit in! clickity click for long survey results goodness!

Thank His Noodly Appendage that I'm going into post-secondary science education. I wouldn't have a long-lasting job if I had to deal with supporters of this shit. Granted, I'd value student opinions as they are free-thinking individuals, but if they attempted to bring the bible into the science classroom, some serious points would be lost. I'm all for differing opinions, but science is science, and religion sure as hell is not.

why do we do these things to ourselves?

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2:43 pm
The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

that made today for me.

ugh, I am bored and looking forward to going home... even though I've got another two hours and twenty minutes. Things have been going fine, school, work, changes to work schedule, scheduling classes, stuff about Clark, stuff about WSU-V, alcoholic beverages, Earl-Grey tea, scarves, et cetera.

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I've gotten addicted to fark.com with all its tasty goodness.

I need a life, honestly.

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
2:52 pm
Happy All Souls' Day!
I know, I know, what the hell was I thinking for not updating yesterday? I'll tell you what the hell I was thinking! I was thinking: WHATTHEFIGGITYFUCK?!?!?!?!? Because of a test I had and the lack of sleep I had and the cat-vomit taste in the back of my throat I had. However, nothing, I REPEAT, NOTHING was as bad as the brief but powerful conversation I had with Sharon as I was heading out the door:
S: So, what time are you supposed to be back?
Me: Around three, three-thirty.
S: Oh good, we have to go to the store because I started my period and I'm outta pads.
Me: okay.

I proceeded to get into my car to head towards WSUV. However, I managed to make my commute so much more entertaining by screaming GODDAMN BLOODY MURDER!

Seriously, I have no problem with the monthly biological process that all women go through. It's a fact of life, and, well, it happens. However, what about myself seems to scream:

ugh. I still haven't gotten over that shit. What's worse is that I come home and she's bitching about it again. "Oh, I hurt," and "Oh, I just can't stop eating," and to top it all off: "You're lucky (directed to Storm, the female Dacshund of the house), you get to have your parts taken out." I respond, from my somewhat comfortable shelter of the office: "You know, you can!"
S: "No you can't! It's really rare!"
Me: "If you want to talk about rare, talk to my mom."
S: "But she had something wrong with her!"
Me: "No, actually [you fucking retard with shit for memory], she didn't have anything wrong with her."

Sometimes I wish that woman would just go away. I understand why Amanda doesn't like her more and more each day.

other than that, had a pretty decent Halloween.On Sunday, had fun at the Newlyweds' soiree, damn near lost all brain function due to Amanda's costume (holy shit, she was FAWKING HAWT!), and thus fell asleep easily once we got home. Last night, faith was restored in the holiday because we had some trick-or-treaters (some of the cutest kids I've seen... as for trashy parents, that's a different story), and I got some much-deserved rest.

So, for the past few days, I've been entertaining myself with some ghost stories that are posted on fark.com

this happens to be a picture from one of the better-known stories that is mentioned... quite creepy, considering it's a three-foot-tall doll.
Here's some linkage, so enjoy!
Fark Spooky Stories 2005
Fark Spooky Stories 2004

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
2:56 pm
For those of you who can offer constructive criticism, here's my attempt at somewhat decent zombie makeup... do remember that it was done relatively cheaply (some cream makeup and fake blood I've had for at least 8 years+cheapie greasepaint crayons).

By the way, I know the photo's pretty green... forgive me for having fluorescent light where I live. I PS'd it and looked better, but eh well.

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Monday, October 24th, 2005
9:51 am
I found out what I wanna be when I grow up!
what I wanna be when I grow up
mmm, hot-topic-y suburban goodness.

p.s. I found out that the Dwarves are coming to PDX. I am super stoked in the butt.

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Friday, October 21st, 2005
1:15 pm
Fo REALZ this time
I did it, I finally did it: I bought a tattoo outfit. However, it is different from the one I had a whole debacle over addresses and such. It's actually from Superior Tattoo.

this is gonna be my baby:

I also got a bottle of Kuro Sumi Black ink... because I like my black the blackest it can be.

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Friday, October 14th, 2005
12:35 pm

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